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The fastest way to start selling online

A hosted checkout cart solution that lets you easily turn any website into a shop. Generate buttons, links and widgets that convert page visitors or social media followers into shoppers. Accept payments through PayPal, Stripe and Bitcoin from over 180 countries worldwide. Complex online storefront solutions and marketplaces which nickel and dime you with fees are a thing of the past - say Hello to Distributed Commerce.

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Double Browser and Search Agent for Internet Search optimization at the same time

Nothing is as boring as clicking on a search result only to find that it doesn’t have what you are looking for. This forces many people to roll in and out of the Search Engine Result Pages in search of what you are seeking for. Scardalia brings a different concept into the picture. The browser like this app gives a way to annotate different search results giving you an idea of what you are opening long before you click on the link.

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