PM7 platform vs Reputada

PM7 platform

PM7 platform
PM7 platform

Retain your mobile users for life with a referral program.

PM7 is a flexible SDK platform that can be easily integrated with mobile apps. It helps reward your users for certain activity. You choose how and when you should reward your clients, and we take care of everything else. Use it as a bonus system or create your referral program to boost your audience.

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Your business reputation. Visible. Under your control.

Keeping your good business reputation visible and growing it continuously is key to business growth. Reputada makes your business reputation visible for the world to see. To see how it works, please do a google search for Bssi2 reputation and you will see that the first entry is about its reputation. You can follow the link to see the detailed reputation page.

This is what we have built; thousands of B2B companies can now showcase their reputation. And the free and easy to use application Ulteamo allows businesses to continuously grow their reputation by collecting feedback on customer experience and converting it to business reputation.

So keeping your business reputation visible and growing it, is now part of your daily business routine and not a separate project by itself.

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