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Keevi lets you repurpose any content in many formats within Minutes

With Keev you can Source/Upload content from 20+ sources Youtube, Medium, Podcasts, Blogposts, Repurpose/Edit into 15+ types of content(videos, audio, pdf, blog post etc), Publish it on Social media, Blog within Minutes!

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Get more value out of your blog by automatically creating a podcast, YouTube videos, and audio to embed on your site.

Podopi is using A.I. and machine learning to transform written text into brilliantly crafted podcasts and videos.

Once Podopi is synchronized to your website, it will automatically take your blog posts and publish an extraordinary finished product onto Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and more. Every step of the way, you’ll increase your exposure and reach new audiences.

With customizable settings, you can even preview each finished product before they are posted, leading to even better quality control. Complete with music, cover art, and more, you can expect a primed and polished product, every time.

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

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