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Empowering people with the tools they need to crush the job hunt

At Jackfruit, we’re building a one-stop-shop for everything but the actual application. We like think of it as sales tech for the job search. Our platform (currently in closed Beta) connects with our Chrome plug-in allowing users to easily scrape job listings from LinkedIn, organize their application history, track their emails, gain valuable insights, take call notes, and learn from their mistakes.

Location: New York, United States

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Build a free automated podcast website in minutes and grow your audience. No coding required.

The website builder for podcasts.

Build a free automated podcast website in minutes and grow your audience. No coding required.

So, why is a podcast website important?

We started Podtailor of the simple reason that we wanted to build a tool, where everyone can build a fully functional and hosted podcast website quick and easy without any technical skills.

A website, is a vital tool to succeed as a podcast. A website is your chance to build your presence outside the podcast, and will act as a central hub where listeners can read more about the podcast and your episodes. It enables you to interact with your listeners and monetize your podcast by driving traffic to your donations tool, such as Patreon and PayPal and much more.

There are millions of podcasts today, and it’s very hard to stand out and find new listeners. By having a website, you will boost your podcasts discoverability to the biggest search engine - Google. That’s a great reason why you should consider having a website for your podcast.

Podcast specific features

As a website builder for podcasts, we have built a bunch of helpful features tailor-made for podcasts. One of them is the episode importation, that imports episodes every time you publish a new episode, and creates an episode page where you can add show notes and transcripts. How amazing isn’t that? Say good bye to manually uploading to your WordPress site every week, with Podtailor you can automate that, and focus on growing your podcast instead. πŸ”₯

The platform offers many other features, such as a podcast player that lets you listen to episodes directly on the site, blogging, email signup & contact form, monetization and much more.

βœ… Auto imported episodes
βœ… Themes
βœ… Connect your custom domain
βœ… Add show notes and transcripts
βœ… Monetize your podcast with PayPal, Patreon etc
βœ… Built-in blog
βœ… Podcast player - listen on episodes directly on the website
βœ… Display reviews from your listeners
βœ… Collect email addresses for newsletters etc
βœ… Contact form
βœ… Website hosting



Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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