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Good Gantt

Good Gantt
Good Gantt

The Best Gantt Chart for Trello

Good Gantt is The Best Gantt Chart for Trello where you can:
- see all the boards of your Trello account and the tasks for them. You can disable what you want also.
- connect your favorite time trackers and track your employees' performance right on the gantt chart.
- customize the necessary columns in which your cards will be added or moved.

Location: Moscow, Russia

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Grow your audience faster with effortless content management

Postlyy is a platform designed to streamline content management for creators, offering tools for creation, scheduling, and analytics. The service caters to those looking to optimize their content delivery on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, providing features such as AI-powered content crafting, efficient scheduling, and in-depth performance analysis. Future plans for Postlyy include expanding its feature set and refining its tools to further enhance user experience and effectiveness in content management. This ongoing development is geared towards empowering creators and businesses to reach their audience more effectively and grow their online presence.

Location: Cambridge, Canada

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