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Discover local food you love through personalized photo/video recommendations

The way we discover food is broken. Famished is a food recommendation engine that takes into consideration your dietary needs, taste preferences, and other key information to show you personalized individual local food through a killer experience.

Location: Los Angeles, USA

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Affordable Lead Generation Platform helping SMBs find and connect with key decision makers in well-funded under-the-radar Startups

We got tired of seeing 90% of new businesses die because they couldn't generate sales. So we built Prelo, to help small businesses and B2B founders find and connect with key decision makers in tech companies at the right time in their growth-cycle.

Prelo is a Go-to-Market Tool used by solopreneurs and business development reps to support seed stage Start-ups in generating market traction.

If you're a product maker, then Prelo is perfect for you, it's a do-it-your-self engagement software designed to optimize growth and generate revenue by combining job data, hiring information and funding data to deliver an affordable sales intelligence solution for you.

Location: California, United States

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