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Press Jockey

Press Jockey
Press Jockey

Get up to 5x more press, with 90% less effort. Press Jockey finds and filters 1,000s of press requests each week - so you don’t have to. Quickly reply to requests, and get more press coverage today.

Press Jockey finds and filters 1,000s of press requests each week - so you don’t have to. You’ll find requests from top tier publications like Forbes, New York Times, Entrepreneur and more. Or industry blogs, podcasts and more. You can get 5x more press with 90% less effort.

Simply enter your target keywords and you’ll get notified when a relevant press request is found.

No more spending hours sorting through HARO.
No more spending time trolling Twitter for press requests.
No more bouncing around from platform to platform (HARO, Qwoted, SourceBottle, etc.) to find a request that matches your business.

Press Jockey will do all of this for you - saving you up to 15h per week for a single business!

You can quickly reply to requests in 2-clicks and get more press coverage for your business or clients today. It’s the fastest and most powerful way to manage inbound PR.

Location: Toronto, Canada

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Tayler ODea

Tayler ODea
Tayler ODea

www.NewArt.Media (NAM) is now open to the design-fanatic public to post their favorite daily design news.

In efforts to uplift the art and design community NAM is a place that isn't about showcasing their own portfolio pieces (Dribbble, Behance) but is all about sharing others. Also, unlike DesignerNews and Hackernews, this isn't a list. At NAM its all about the story and strives to become an outlet for the strong critiques of the ever changing and dense landscape of digital and graphical design.

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