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An easy way to contribute to OSS github projects anonymously

Github's tagline is social coding. Unfortunately that means that every commit you every make is visible to everyone.
All you have to do is add a gitmask remote to your working repository.
Once you push your code to Gitmask we strip out and replace embedded identifying info from your commits: author, email and timestamp. A pull request is made to the upstream Github repository with your changes, but now the originating IP is Gitmask, and the author is our anonymous Gitmask user account.

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Construction job bidding & costing solution

ProfitDig is the world’s easiest-to-use construction job bidding and costing solution.

ProfitDig was developed to remove the barriers that have made it so difficult for small operators to manage their bids and jobs via software. As you create a job bid, your budget is created automatically. You or your men in the field can then record costs against your job in real-time.

No classes are needed to use this program. No thousand-page manuals are necessary. ProfitDig is easy and intuitive.

Location: Dickson, United States

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