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Legal documents for businesses and individuals

Prospero is an online legal service designed to help businesses and individual generate legal documents in no time from 500+ vetted templates.

After answering a few questions, users can get access to a personalized legal document that they can review, download and share in Word, PDF or online through Prospero platform.

The e-signature capability allows to save time and get the contracts signed and stored in a secured vault with an audit log that can be used later on to prove the validity of the contract.

Location: San Francisco, United-States

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Telecoms Supermarket India

Telecoms Supermarket India
Telecoms Supermarket India

India's first Telecoms Comparison platform

Telecoms Supermarket India is India's First Telecoms Comparison Platform which works in real time. We are committed to finding you the right service at best price, and dedicated to saving you time and money. One can search, compare and buy any telecom service and most importantly, it's 100% Impartial, Unbiased and Free for user. We are the mobile, TV and Internet experts!

Our calculator for all plans is easy to use and totally customisable, so you can tailor your search to include your required elements. It compares hundreds of plans available in your area from most providers including big boys like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, MTNL to specialist providers like Spectra and Tulip. Just pop in your pincode, and in matter of seconds you can pick from range of latest offers.

With Telecoms Supermarket India you can also compare and buy a wide variety of products and services from Broadband, Leased line, Mobile plans, Mobile phones, VoIP system, PBX systems, DTH and other solutions for IVR, Call centres, Multi sited businesses, Corporates and Government offices. We serve both Home and Business customers.

Location: New Delhi, India

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