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Publishing Assist

Publishing Assist
Publishing Assist

Authors can now be independent without having to be alone

Authors are usually faced with two options, and neither is very good. On the one hand, there are platforms that let you quickly distribute your book but do nothing to help your book be publishing-ready or to stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, there are self-publishing services that sell exorbitant package deals, with vague promises of what they are delivering and mystery surrounding their high costs.

For an author new to publishing, it can be confusing concerning what's needed and what's not. As an experienced publisher, we provide a suite of services that give authors exactly what they need and nothing that they do not.

Publishing Assist was created to give you the ability to be independent without truly having to go it alone. Now you can buy competitively priced publishing services for your books as you want them, à la carte.

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