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Insia is a no-code, self-serve Business Intelligence platform that helps users gain actionable insights in seconds without the need for any technical knowledge.

Get insights from data, anytime, anywhere without the need for analytics teams and technical know-how.. you ask how? Simple, just type in keywords in natural language, and Insia guides you through your insights journey. All of this happens in seconds rather than hours or even days. Something like your favorite search engine but for your business data. ;)

Insia directly integrates with most data from ERPs, cloud databases, excels, spreadsheets, and even marketing channels. That's not all, Insia also has a no-code KPI builder for all your custom KPI needs, and if you are ever short on time for meetings, insia can create a report for you in a few seconds.

Location: Claymont, Delaware , USA

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Pure EV

Pure EV
Pure EV

High speed electric scooters in India with low cost.

The organization made introduction to manufacturing of electric bikes under the brand PURE EV and elite Lithium batteries under the brand PURE Lithium. The organization has arrangement a committed 40,000 sqft fabricating unit and is equipped to get one of the main EV new businesses of India in occasions to come! The organization is centered around building products that is beloved by the mass buyer and building a dependable brand name in EV and ESS business verticals.
PURE EV is India's largest manufacturing company of electric two wheeler. Our electric scooters are designed in the way to give you the high performance & most comfortable ride experience

Location: Hyderabad, India

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