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Hyvor Talk

Hyvor Talk
Hyvor Talk

The best commenting platform for your website

Hyvor Talk is a privacy-focused, fully-customizable, and affordable commenting platform for websites. It comes with an in-built reactions plugin.

Location: Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

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1st platform that automatically fixes source code

QuantifiedCode is the first online platform that automatically improves source code.

We integrate with Git(hub) workflows and enable development teams to continuously monitor their source code for potential issues and quality problems. Whenever we detect potential for improvement, we notify the user and automatically deliver a rewrite of the code, to fix the problem. The first language we support is Python.

Compared to traditional static analysis tools, we use a novel, data-driven approach to code analysis. This enables us to deliver better code checks, to create checks with simple SQL-like queries, to rewrite code, and more.

Our customers can save hours of manual work, just with a click of a button. This let's them focus on features, rather than maintenance, and hence reduces their time to market.

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