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Privacy-focused surveys, polls & forms

BlockSurvey is a privacy-focused experience management system. It allows users to create surveys, polls, & forms.

For a data collector, the data is encrypted end to end and only you can access it. Your data is completely yours and you own it. This is your digital right and it should be yours. For data providers, we keep you as anonymous to the data collectors so that you can answer authentically.

Location: Bangalore, India

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Manage *your* collaborative work

Queues is a productivity tool for team members.
It provides you with your own dedicated space for managing your own work, in a pleasant and productive manner.

How it Works:
1. Connect with the collaborative tools your team uses and get all collaboration updates in one feed
2. Easily convert updates to synced tasks
3. Reflect on your work, smartly ordered by impact
+ Learn from your habits and become more productive

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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