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Creating a «health problems and treatment stories library» based on patients’ stories and conciousness about health problems

Forming a network where patients can share their stories, seek answers for some specific/rare illnesses, connect to each other, encourage and cheer each other.

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R3volution AD Services

R3volution AD Services
R3volution AD Services

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R3volution AD Services is a digital marketing squad of talented marketers, website designers, website developers, SEO specialists, and data scientists. We use our skills and experience to unlock the doors of growth for businesses throughout the globe.
Having had little to no success with finding digital marketing services that take a client-first approach, we decided to create one and save companies from going through the same hassles as we did.
We are a team of go-getters who hold each other to high standards. And success for us is helping your business succeed. Our client’s goals are ours. And we work hard to protect their interests.

Location: Houston, United States

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