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Improve employee morale and foster a stronger workplace culture with Ellacard.

Ellacard improves employee morale and fosters a stronger workplace culture with our platform of group cards, videos, and gift cards. All are collaborative, and use sophisticated software to combine contributions into a high quality, personalized gift. Our group cards are quick and easy to make, and there is no limit to the number of people that can sign a card. Our video templates come with professional quality graphics, can have an unlimited number contributors add videos, photos, and more, and everything is automatically edited together. Finally our digital gift cards can be attached to our greeting cards and videos, and support a large variety of merchants in many countries around the world. Multiple people can contribute to a single group gift card.

Location: Brooklyn, United States

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Radivate is a digital media platform that leverages the power of community, content, and entertainment to support and celebrate entrepreneurial success on a global scale

Radivate aims to ignite the Entrepreneurial Revolution globally with its new Entre-tainment™ platform. Our two series: Radivision showcases entrepreneurs from across the globe, and their authentic and unique experience to provide a glimpse into the lifestyle and world of entrepreneurship. Driven, features "celebrity" advisors mentoring new and upcoming entrepreneurs while being driven. Radivate also has a Learn vertical with curated entrepreneurial content.

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