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A free app for personal development and reading habit development

12min is an app with summaries of the best nonfiction books, that can be read or listened in about 12 minutes. Our primary goal is to help you to develop the reading habit and take it to the next level. That's why we offer free and unlimited reading.

You can develop the reading habit, learn new things, prioritize your next books to read… And all that can be done in those useless micro-moments of the day like waiting on the bank line, being inside a bus or a train, doing the laundry.

We want to help you to learn more and faster, so you can be even smarter and boost your career! On 12min you will find the best books on business, marketing, sales, leadership, etc., condensed into microbooks with their most valuable insights.

Here are some of our cool features:
- Free unlimited reading, and upgrade to make audios available;
- Free audio for the featured book (book of the day)
- Download microbooks for reading and listening offline;
- Send microbooks to Kindle;
- See what your friends are reading;
- Highlight the most important sections of the microbook.

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Rangeflow helps to automate your email outreach without stepping out of your favorite apps — Google Sheets and Gmail!

RangeFlow is an email outreach tool that helps to automate email outreach from Google Sheets and Gmail!

It requires a zero learning curve. You can:

1. Create a sales pipeline
2. Followup email templates
3. Prospect leads
4. Send emails from Google Sheets and
5. Manage leads inside Gmail

Since RangeFlow uses SMTP to send emails, you can connect your AWS, Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or literally any email service in a matter of minutes.

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Google Workspace URL: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/rangeflow/863182028723

Location: Hyderabad, India

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