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Rangeflow helps to automate your email outreach without stepping out of your favorite apps — Google Sheets and Gmail!

RangeFlow is an email outreach tool that helps to automate email outreach from Google Sheets and Gmail!

It requires a zero learning curve. You can:

1. Create a sales pipeline
2. Followup email templates
3. Prospect leads
4. Send emails from Google Sheets and
5. Manage leads inside Gmail

Since RangeFlow uses SMTP to send emails, you can connect your AWS, Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or literally any email service in a matter of minutes.

Watch our demo video here:


Google Workspace URL: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/rangeflow/863182028723

Location: Hyderabad, India

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Best Performance Marketing Software

Trackier is a Performance Marketing Software utilized by ad agencies, ad networks, and professional advertisers to help them manage their relationships and communication with their publishers. The software is highly customizable to address unique business needs and requirements.

Location: New Delhi, India

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