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Prenario helps decision making teams identify insights and uncover scientifically smart decisions in all sorts of complex and risky situations

Using Prenario's powerfully simple tools, even the most challenging decisions become easily manageable. With Prenario you can:
1. Create clear visual plans to see all the options, opportunities and risks for decisions
2. Adjust your plans to take into account real world stakeholder risk attitudes
3. Define decision goals and quickly identify scientifically smart ways to achieve them

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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Ranking vulnerabilities the right way for your organization

An intuitive Vulnerability Prioritization Technology (VPT) that gives businesses the ability to rank vulnerabilities based upon their own risk appetite.

Using RankedRight, users have the power to create their own prioritization rules without relying on proprietary algorithms they have no control or understanding of. User’s are assigned vulnerabilities tailored to their role, without the need of manual triage activities after every vulnerability scan.

RankedRight is a powerful VPT solution that helps customers automatically rank their most critical vulnerabilities.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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