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Ranking vulnerabilities the right way for your organization

An intuitive Vulnerability Prioritization Technology (VPT) that gives businesses the ability to rank vulnerabilities based upon their own risk appetite.

Using RankedRight, users have the power to create their own prioritization rules without relying on proprietary algorithms they have no control or understanding of. User’s are assigned vulnerabilities tailored to their role, without the need of manual triage activities after every vulnerability scan.

RankedRight is a powerful VPT solution that helps customers automatically rank their most critical vulnerabilities.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Standup Bot

Standup Bot
Standup Bot

Standup Bot is the fastest, easiest way to ensure team accountability with standup meetings on Slack.

Standup meetings on Slack are the best way leaders can sty updated on next steps, dependencies, and progress as a whole. Standup Bot automates the process with 3 questions every day for every team member: what did you do yesterday, what will you do today, and is anything stopping you. And the fastest, easiest method to get started is by using Standup Bot because we intentionally omit useless features, bloated options, and complicated instructions.

Location: Jacksonville, United States

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