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The fastest way to research companies and stock ideas with company filings.

Docoh helps you make better investments by uncovering important details and trends in public company reports. Features like change diffs, sentiment analysis and new/removed words help you see the small changes between annual or quarterly reports, and the search analysis shows you who's talking about what, and when.

Location: Toronto, Canada

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Rational BI

Rational BI
Rational BI

Modern Business Intelligence, analytics and data science

Rational BI provides effortless analytics, data science and business intelligence in a modern analytical platform that connects to all your databases, data files and cloud drives including your AWS and Azure data sources.

Explore and visualize data in a lightning fast interface.

Build real-time notebook-style reports directly in your web browser with JavaScript and SQL with direct and live connections to all your data.

Filter and query data at light-speed with a full SQL database embedded in the client without network latencies.

Schedule reports and notebooks for automatic delivery to everyone in your organization. Enterprise features like Single Sign-On and strict SLAs make Rational BI a perfect fit for organizations of all sizes.

Rational BI delivers deep analytics, reporting, dashboards and a full Business Intelligence stack in a single modern platform.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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