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Double Edge

Double Edge
Double Edge

Conquering limiting beliefs in what´s possible with cryptos

Our crypto/blockchain ecosystem has a modular setup where the user tailors his experience based on his demands. We provide the service modules, you put them together. Just your imagination is the limit.

It´s like a jigsaw puzzle, where everybody is given the same pieces but gets a different looking picture at the end.

Big tech companies maybe provide our backend, but the frontend is ours to design!

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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Seamless influencer tracking system for online retailers.

Tracking rewards for social media influencers, ambassadors, street and sales teams, affiliates, royalty owners and other partners is difficult without a system that can manage your needs. Refersion seamlessly connects with your online shop and calculates the share of sales so you can pay your partners without the hassle of a complicated reporting system. We track via coupon codes, email addresses and product SKUs, in addition to referral links.

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