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Four Minute Books

Four Minute Books
Four Minute Books

Making you smarter in 4 minutes or less.

Four Minute Books brings passionate readers and book nerds 4-minute book summaries of the world's best non-fiction books. They're short on time, but big on learning. With each summary the reader can learn 3 valuable lessons in 4 minutes or less, while simultaneously selecting which books to read next.

We save you time and accelerate your learning.

If you're driven, busy, love to learn, but don't have as much time for reading as you'd like to, then this is for you.

We deliver 7 new book summaries straight to your inbox every Saturday, so you can digest the key points from 7 books in less than half an hour each week.

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Releasable is a beta test management software for companies to get feedback from customers prior to launch

Releasable is a tool for companies to collect feedback from real customers prior to officially launching a product. The tool allows companies to manage all beta testing feedback from one central location, instead of using various disconnected tools for different purposes.

Releasable contains built-in functionality to make beta testing a streamlined experience for your company -- forums & discussions, to-do lists, surveys, bug tracking, and feature requests all in one place.

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