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Legends of Tech

Legends of Tech
Legends of Tech

Where Tech Legends Teach the World their Craft. Monetize consistently by sharing your expertise with the world.

Legends of Tech is a platform where top tech experts run their own training schools, online, teaching you! Technology Experts can build a following, run a community and teach that community, while making monthly income. Learners can take advantage of staying ahead of the extremely fast-paced industry.

Location: Greenbelt, United States

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Rent-A-Ref connects leagues, coaches and sports enthusiasts w/ referees for their sports event.

Rent-A-Ref is a service that connects leagues, coaches and sports enthusiasts with referees for their sports league or event.

Rent-A-Ref will be releasing an "On-Demand" platform where the Requester (someone who needs a referee) can provide information and Request Referees for their sports league, event or a pickup game + Pre-Pay for the referee services. This helps the customer (Requester in this scenario) worry less about finding a qualified Referee(s) and concentrate more on planning out the logistics for the event.

On the other end, the Referee (someone who is looking for games) can receive games whenever they are available, based on their location and experience. This allows the Referee to work whenever they want to and make spending cash.

It's a solution that fits both worlds (The Requester and The Referee) because they complement one another. There is a shortage of Referees due to not knowing what games are available, & Requester is always looking for Referees but never know where to find them.

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