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Pryvate is the most secure voice, email & chat app for iOS and Android.

Pryvate is the most secure voice, email & chat app for business people & individuals that require a high level of communication encryption to protect their sensitive data, pictures and calls.
• An all-in-one voice, email, video calls, messaging & picture sharing app.
• Feel at ease with a military grade communication encryption technology.
• Establishes direct trust relationships with no server or middle-ware. This means that your communications are never stored or saved anywhere, ever!
Download the app and setup your account at!
New Signup features:
i) A free and cancellable 30 day trial. Enjoy 30 days of secure communicating before any fees become due
ii) All new accounts now includes a coupon promotion to invite friends to try the product for a free period as long as you remain a subscriber with Pryvate
Pryvate is the most secure voice, voip, call, talk, chat, messaging, IM, email, secure, encrypted, communica3on, ZRTP

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Do you like long, boring, wordy texts when reading reviews or would you prefer to look and read reviews that look something like favorite social media platforms?

An app where you can view and read review posts from users that post at-the-moment or go live from a place they are currently visiting. Forget the old, boring, traditional long reviews you see constantly today. This app will showcase what is hot around you (or what is not) at the moment. Be informed before stepping into a place and be a part of the community and help each other by sharing your experience.

Location: Austin, United States

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