Hosted Status Page vs Rif App

Hosted Status Page

Hosted Status Page
Hosted Status Page

Incident Management with Automated Downtime Detection.

Hosted Status Page is a simple incident management tool that allows it's users to post real-time incidents and schedule them, so subscribers can get instant notifications.
Users must verify ownership over the domain (via meta tag or uploaded file), and can create up to 5 incident components.
HSP Also provides automated downtime detection with instant email notification with Telegram, Slack etc that will soon come to the production version.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

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Rif App

Rif App
Rif App

Relate to other people and sitatuations through reaction gif statuses

Rif is a mobile application allowing users to browse reaction gifs or showcase their creativity and humor by posting their own reaction gif status. Gifs have been around for awhile, but we set out to build a community for people who identify with the emotions they evoke. What better way to react to a comment, question, situation, etc. than using a visual from a famous movie or TV show. Our users create Rifs by posting a caption or status similar to that of Twitter; however, they must attach a gif acting as the punch line.

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