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Conical Travel

Conical Travel
Conical Travel

Tailor-made Holidays To Vietnam & Southeast Asia

Conical Travel is the leading Vietnam Adventure Tour Operator and trusted Destination Management Company in Southeast Asia. We are a passionate expert team with over 10-year experience in the art of arranging the most awe-inspiring tailor-made holidays in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, from classic highlights to off-beat adventures, to meet the passion of every world traveler. Born and raised here, we have seen a fair share of the local’s struggles. That is why we have been promoting sustainable tourism to help preserve our cultural identity as well as our countries’ natural resources. Conical’s travelers are ensured of the adventures their hearts desire as well as the assurance that they are giving back to the communities they travel.

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

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SADDL is a mobile application that combines fitness and skill-based gaming

SADDL is a mobile fitness application that combines the world of skill-based gaming with stationary exercise bikes—users can win prize money while getting fit. The application collects data from the bike via Bluetooth (power, cadence) and translates it to a racing environment on screen where users compete with one another from their respective locations. As fitness equipment has developed to become compatible with apps, the evolution of “connected” exercise experiences—to hardware and to community—has become possible. Initially available on the Keiser M3i and Echelon Smart Connect bike platforms, SADDL provides the users with a multitude of racing options: public racing competition, challenges with friends, and a training feature. In both challenges and public events, SADDL operates as an asynchronous racing platform to accommodate different time zones and varying fitness schedules.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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