Break Stuff App vs Sanction Scanner

Break Stuff App

Break Stuff App
Break Stuff App

We are a one-stop-shop for sports cards

As passionate collectors of sports cards since the 90s, we love to buy, sell, trade, and collect items.

That's why we will release the Break Stuff App soon. This will become your new favorite smartphone app to connect with other sports card collectors, talk about the hobby, grade your cards and trade them.

Join the waiting list now and share it with your friends to be the first who gets early access to the prototype!

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

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Sanction Scanner

Sanction Scanner
Sanction Scanner

With the power of technology, Anti-Money Laundering operations are no more complicated.

The illegal activities of criminal gangs increase with money laundering. Small and medium businesses have been vulnerable to financial crime due to the high cost of AML software. As Sanction Scanner, we know the AML needs for all sizes of enterprises. We provide them with AML solutions for only their needs without any fixed costs and setup costs.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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