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Meeting minutes – Automated

Acta helps you make meetings more productive with less execution delays by quick and faster follow-ups in due time by providing the automated minutes of meeting.

Location: Bangalore, India

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Simple, Easy screen sharing for inside sales and app devs.

Screenmeet lets you screen share your desktop or mobile to any device, Instantly. Participants join in 1 Click and do NOT need to download any software to join the meeting. By taking the friction out of screen sharing, we save sales professionals 5-10 minutes per sales calls. This lets them focus on closing more deals, not on doing tech. support with their clients.

ScreenMeet also lets you live to share your Android apps and iOS web browsing and pictures. It's a new way to share content, instantly and without friction.

The product is available for a free trial (14 days on the desktop, 30 days on Android). After that, it costs between $15 - $25/month per user.

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