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Phraseapp ist the translation management solution for web and mobile applications.

PhraseApp speeds up the translation of online content in Web-, Mobile and Desktop applications. With the Translation Management Software, companies can save up to 80 per cent of administrative expenses for translation projects. More than 500 international companies already trust in PhraseApp - from small businesses and agencies to well established companies such as MeetUp, Bosch, Xing, MyTaxi, Jimdo and SecretEscapes.

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screenshotlayer API

screenshotlayer API
screenshotlayer API

Lightning-fast URL to Screenshot API - capture crisp & clean website snapshots right in your application

Screenshotlayer is a lightweight REST API built to automate the process of capturing website screenshots through your own application. Simply define your URL & choose from a full stack of customisation features, and the API will return a high quality PNG, JPEG or GIF image within the blink of an eye.

Our API's architecture is focused on ease of use and integration, making for a high level of compatibility with any application, framework and programming language.

The screenshotlayer API is product built for developers, by developers.

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screenshotlayer API Latest Tweets

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