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Invest your spare change in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies

Satochi helps people invest in cryptocurrencies, by taking just their spare change of daily purchases such as coffee and lunch, and automatically invests it in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

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screenshotlayer API

screenshotlayer API
screenshotlayer API

Lightning-fast URL to Screenshot API - capture crisp & clean website snapshots right in your application

Screenshotlayer is a lightweight REST API built to automate the process of capturing website screenshots through your own application. Simply define your URL & choose from a full stack of customisation features, and the API will return a high quality PNG, JPEG or GIF image within the blink of an eye.

Our API's architecture is focused on ease of use and integration, making for a high level of compatibility with any application, framework and programming language.

The screenshotlayer API is product built for developers, by developers.

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