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Global Engineering Community that helps companies solve their engineering & operations challenges (Product Development, Manufacturing, Logistics) for cash rewards.

Ennomotive is an open innovation platform that uses the power of crowdsourced engineering talent to solve companies operations challenges.

OUR CLIENTS: leading companies that need to solve operational challenges:
- Increase their speed to market, e.g. through 3D printing
- Reduce product costs, through cost analytical models and simulation
- Increase their productivity in manufacturing, e.g. through Robotics
- Reduce the cost of their logistics, e.g. through supply chain network optimisation

OUR EXPERTS: talented and bright engineers, designers or operations experts that:
-Want to gain valuable experience for professional life.
-Feel the need to challenge themselves to keep updating their skills on a constantly evolving market.
-Aim to get professional recognition beyond their current job.
-Could use some additional cash!

Ennomotive solves challenges using Innovation tournaments, a multi-cycle process that starts by gathering ideas from our engineering community and evolving such ideas into solutions that solve a company's challenge.
At the end, winners get prizes and recognition, and our customers get a viable solution.

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Select Your University

Select Your University
Select Your University

Leading Overseas Education Consultant

Select Your University is a prominent overseas education consultant in India. We assist students to get admission in the top universities of major countries like Ukraine, Poland, Philippines, Belarus, Russia, and China.

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