Set a Time vs The Remote Experience

Set a Time

Set a Time
Set a Time

Set a Time allows businesses to accept appointments online from their customers and clients, for free.

Set a Time is an appointment scheduling software which allows businesses to accept appointments and reservations online. Set a Time simplifies scheduling for every type of business.

With Set a Time, customers and clients can book appointments and reservations for specific dates, times, services, and more. Companies can easily customize their settings to suit their needs and make it run smooth and professional.

Set a Time has features such as two-way sync (2-way sync) with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, ability to accept payments from customers online with Stripe, team members/staff options, custom services and appointment types, messaging between businesses and customers, email and text message reminders/notifications, custom booking page, and much more!

By using Set a Time, businesses can operate on a different level - they work more smoothly, effortlessly, and efficiently. Set a Time enables businesses to provide services for their customers and satisfy the needs of their customers.

Businesses, and their customers and clients can easily manage their appointments online; from any device and from any where. Set a Time is more than a scheduling software; it's a system which helps everyone to save time, be efficient, and make life easier.

Set a Time helps businesses to save time, save money, increase productivity, attract more customers, and make more money. It is fast, easy, and simple to use. Set a Time is the best appointment scheduling software for businesses and companies of all sizes.

Location: Los Angeles, United States

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The Remote Experience

The Remote Experience
The Remote Experience

Travel for 4 months with interesting professionals while working remotely!

The Remote Experience is a 4-month program that brings together 30 remote professionals to work, live, and play in 4 countries. We take the guess work out of traveling so that you can work and live remotely stress-free while surrounded by a group of people like you. We take care of the research, organization, and booking of your private bedroom, desk space, travel tickets, local guide, and travel insurance.

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