Shared Contacts for Gmail vs Updevs

Shared Contacts for Gmail

Shared Contacts for Gmail
Shared Contacts for Gmail

Share your Gmail Contacts with any Gmail or Google Workspace (G Suite) users

Shared Contacts for Gmail ® enables Google Workspace, previously known as G Suite, Gmail or Android/iOS users to create and access team address books. Shared Contacts can be created and accessed from anywhere in their work space (Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Calendar, Mobile phones etc.)

With Shared Contacts for Gmail® you can create Contact Distribution Lists (aka “contacts labels”), organize them easily, and share them by defining permissions exactly like you would do with a folder or a Google Doc in the Drive:
View Only
Delete permission
Transfer of ownership
Whether you compose or read an email, visit your Google contact Manager or use your phone contacts app, you will always be able to pick, add or edit shared contact in one click.

Unlike other contacts sharing solutions, Shared Contacts for Gmail brings shared contacts capabilities everywhere. For instance, when you send or receive an email, you can see the relevant information of each sender and recipient (like with a CRM):

Email, Phone, Company, Job Title
Notes added to the contact
Previous interactions you had with this contact

Shared Contacts for Gmail is built to enhance your Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Calendar, your mobile contacts app etc. to include contact sharing features without need to use a third party tool.
It boosts productivity of all Gmail and Google Workspace, previously known as G Suite, users, by providing a solution to a huge problem that Gmail and Google Workspace do not solve i.e. the ability to share contacts and contact groups, just like you share documents with your team members. It will help you to be more effective while collaborating in real-time.

It offers a 15-Day Free Trial [no CC required] to try and see how it can help your team in improving your business.

Key Features
Create shared address books from everywhere
Define access permissions in your organization
Share contacts from your mailbox
Share and synchronize contacts from Google Contacts
Unlimited sharing of contacts and contact groups
Mobile/Tablet & Outlook sync
Permissions Management
Live Chat and Email Support
Sharing with external domains
Instant Synchronization
Advanced logging and security features
Unlimited Contact Backup
Web App, Gmail Add-on and Chrome Extension

Location: New York, United States

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Unlimited Development with Dedicated Developers

Updevs provides you a dedicated website development team for your unlimited projects. Our skillful developer team can deliver an endless number of web development projects in the shortest time. You just discuss the ideas and requirements of your project. Our team will plan ahead, and take care of the rest.

With zero risks, free resource replacement, and a fixed monthly price, you have just to wait to take the project into your hand after completion.

What extra care Updevs will give you is:

Dedicated Project manager
Your dedicated project manager reduces the communication barriers by providing the project details, deadline, and what is in the pipeline. So, everything is easier for you and your team.

Stringent deadlines and fastest turnaround
We ensure to meet deadlines, and this stands us in the crowd. Updevs strictly follow the deadlines and the fastest turnaround of 24 hours, which means your project is the priority.

The remote team across the world
Don’t worry about nearshoring and off-shoring; Our team is remotely worked worldwide. We bear no barriers when it comes to meet our client’s requirements.

All primary development stack
Choose your development stack, and don’t worry about additional team resources for a different stack. Our team encourages all types of programming, including LAMP, MEAN, MERN, LEMP, with no extra charges.

Free 7days Trial
You can start with 7 days free trial and know our teams, the way to process your project, and much more.

Location: Welmington, United States

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