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If you are a student and have been finding books expensive to buy and cumbersome to carry, sifting through volumes of pages & chapters, to just pick the most relevant pieces? In almost 100% of the cases no one needs an entire book in a course for studying.
You are almost always referring to your professor's notes, looking for hard copy photocopies, or searching on line or referring to a clumsy e book or just some hand me down notes. At Glossaread you will get the book of the author that you are looking for and just be able to pick the chapter that you need at a cost cheaper than even your cup of chai . Single click experience and most affordable and now organised as per your liking.
You may not get all the books of all streams immediately, but if there is a book that you are looking for which is unavailable and you definitely need the chapters of the book that is of importance to you, please write in to us on "[email protected]" and we assure you of a revert from our end with a status update in less than 24 hrs hrs.
Click here to "just pick the chapters" that you need of the books that are of relevance to you. ""

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SHARPND is an on-demand men's tailoring service in New York

SHARPND combines the convenience of a professional fitter coming to your home, office, or hotel, taking your measurements and consulting with you about your wardrobe, reviewing your tailoring order, and delivering first-class alterations and made-to-measure clothing to back to you quickly.

Nothing conveys more about you than what you are wearing. People notice the fit, cut, fabric and styling of your clothing and form their image of you. Well-dressed men shape their image by investing in their wardrobe because they understand the importance of what it means in their professional lives and personal relationships in fact - with everyone in their lives who matter.

SHARPND Men's Tailoring ServicesĀ© and SHARPND Made To Measure CollectionĀ© combines first-class tailoring services with the convenience of mobile and web delivery to create your personal image on your terms in New York City.

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