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SHARPND is an on-demand men's tailoring service in New York

SHARPND combines the convenience of a professional fitter coming to your home, office, or hotel, taking your measurements and consulting with you about your wardrobe, reviewing your tailoring order, and delivering first-class alterations and made-to-measure clothing to back to you quickly.

Nothing conveys more about you than what you are wearing. People notice the fit, cut, fabric and styling of your clothing and form their image of you. Well-dressed men shape their image by investing in their wardrobe because they understand the importance of what it means in their professional lives and personal relationships in fact - with everyone in their lives who matter.

SHARPND Men's Tailoring ServicesĀ© and SHARPND Made To Measure CollectionĀ© combines first-class tailoring services with the convenience of mobile and web delivery to create your personal image on your terms in New York City.

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Cloud-based procurement software for complete spend control

Tradogram is an All-In-One Business Spend Management Software offering a complete suite of simple digital tools to help companies streamline their procurement and supply chain activities.
With our unique connection between the purchasing and sales sides of the platform, Tradogram allows companies to transform the way they manage spending and can also be used as a specialty B2B marketplace.
Tradogram offers a fully connected platform that integrates with a comprehensive list of complementary solutions, removing all manual work within the process.
Simple, Flexible, Connected Business Spend Management Platform.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

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