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It pays to shop at all your favorite stores.

ShopJester is a uniquely tailored shopping app that recommends the best possible sales going on at your favorite retailers and rewards users for shopping. The mobile app is a fast and easy way to shop across many major retail stores for all of the sales and new arrival items. In just two can find any product category at any store!

You’ll earn reward points just for shopping around in the app and earn even more when you buy! Just view products and start's that easy!

The points can be redeemed for cash on a Visa Card or for a Tango Card - a universal gift card accepted at many of your favorite retailers, like Macy's, Itunes, Starbucks, Nordstrom and over 40 others.

When you decide to buy an item, click the buy button and we’ll connect you directly to that item at the retailer, so you can purchase easily and safely from that trusted retailer and you'll earn their reward points s well, it's a double win.

ShopJester is available for the iphone and on Android phones.

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Automated weather watching with instant SMS alerts

If you've ever found yourself caught out in bad weather, or just wanted know when perfect adventure conditions are, SMSforecast can help.
With SMSforecast, you can receive instant updates via text when weather you care about is predicted or happening. Create weather rules for any location in the US and let us do the rest. Watch Rain, Snow, Temperature, Wind, or Humidity and customize when to be alerted.
We've got hikers watching for perfect temperature conditions, rock climbers watching for rain, and many other adventurers staying ahead of the weather. Check us out and use the code '3FREE' for 3 months totally free :)

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