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Listen to your customers: the smart, effective platform helping you gather customer feedback using Net Promoter Score customer satisfaction surveys.

SightMill provides great value Net Promoter Score customer satisfaction survey software that helps you listen to and act on customer feedback and so improve the customer experience of your products and service.

Trusted and used by large corporations to growing startups. Reach your customers using surveys by email, on your website, at events, and to your employees. Save time by linking SightMill to your CRM or help desk platform - we integrate with 100s of popular platforms. Understand what drives your customer satisfaction with our tools.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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SVET – the health-friendly light bulb

SVET is a light bulb, which brings you light as intended by nature. SVET is able to closely replicate natural light properties. It automatically tunes the lighting in accordance with natural sunlight dynamics. It is safe for the eyes, lessens stress and improves sleep.

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