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Equipment Financing Decided by You

EquipmentWallet is an online marketplace that connects small business owners seeking equipment financing with the best finance companies suited for their business needs through a bid & quote process, like an auction where the best bid is selected. This means that getting equipment financing is as easy as comparing hotels prices or a flight.

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Signage Rocket

Signage Rocket
Signage Rocket

Next generation digital signage platform helping businesses deliver digital messages to screens.

Signage Rocket solves all the complexity related to delivering content & managing multiple displays.
It has been developed for SoC (System on Chip) displays - the modern, commercial displays with a built-in chip that offer all-in-one digital signage solution. This way you no longer need an external media player to deliver your content to a screen.
The platform lets you:
1. DISPLAY any digital message on any number of screens in real time via our data-driven apps
2. MANAGE and monitor large networks of displays
3. INTEGRATE any 3rd party solutions

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