Signage Rocket vs Team Extension

Signage Rocket

Signage Rocket
Signage Rocket

Next generation digital signage platform helping businesses deliver digital messages to screens.

Signage Rocket solves all the complexity related to delivering content & managing multiple displays.
It has been developed for SoC (System on Chip) displays - the modern, commercial displays with a built-in chip that offer all-in-one digital signage solution. This way you no longer need an external media player to deliver your content to a screen.
The platform lets you:
1. DISPLAY any digital message on any number of screens in real time via our data-driven apps
2. MANAGE and monitor large networks of displays
3. INTEGRATE any 3rd party solutions

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Team Extension

Team Extension
Team Extension

Your Leading Workforce Partner

We are a nearshoring and offshoring technology company based in Eastern
Our company was founded by a Swiss entrepreneur with more than 10 years
experience in the tech area

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