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Signal Flare

Signal Flare
Signal Flare

Signal Flare adds context to your analytics

You know that feeling when you see a spike or a dip in your analytics and you don’t know what caused it?

Because it could be anything. And yet it must be something.

But what if there were clues in your charts? What if all the team’s activity was right there inside your analytics?

You would see what action had what effect.

And then you’d know what caused the spike and how to do it again.

That’s why we built Signal Flare. We solve mysteries when we put our activities in our analytics.

Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada

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Automated content creation for marketers

Simplified is a design and collaboration software helping users to create and scale their marketing using the power of ai. Create dozens of marketing assets in just one click using our AI assistant and publish everywhere in seconds. No code. Deep Collaboration. Unlimited design resources. Everything you'll ever need to create content at scale.

Location: San Francisco , United States

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