Globaldyne Systems vs Simple Notion Forms

Globaldyne Systems

Globaldyne Systems
Globaldyne Systems

We offer a new service, virtual desktops, which will transform the personal computing industry.

We believe that personal computers should last longer than 4-5 years before you have to upgrade. That's why we created virtual desktops, which moves your personal computer to the cloud allowing you to access it from any computer, tablet, or smartphone in the world all while saving you money. We ensure that your virtual desktop stays as fast as the day you get it by adding more hardware (CPU, RAM) as soon as it starts to slow down freeing you from having to spend time and money updating your computer every few years.

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Simple Notion Forms

Simple Notion Forms
Simple Notion Forms

Simple Forms using Notion as databases

Forms perfectly made for Notion. Create a Notion Form in 30 seconds → your users' answers get collected in Notion.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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