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Daily personalized workouts built around your goals, lifestyle & equipment.

🏋️ Stop paying for generic, one-size-fits-all PDF workout plans.

With SimplyFit, your AI fitness mentor delivers a personalized workout daily. Just get to your gym, open the app, & dive into a new challenge.

Built on your inputs and feedback, workouts are created that align with your unique needs, available equipment, & goals along the way.

It's like having a personal trainer who is 100% focused on YOU.

The Problem:
When looking for a personalized workout program, your options are hiring a personal trainer, signing up for a fitness class, buying a program, or building your own program.

💸 Trainers are expensive & hit or miss
🚲 Fitness classes are great socially but aren’t personalized
👯 Online programs are generic; the same plan is sent to everyone
🤬 Building your program takes time & is difficult without experience

The Solution:
SimplyFit is an iOS app that creates personalized fitness programs that change with you every day.

We create your journey through an onboarding survey, generating a genuinely unique workout plan. No two users are the same. User feedback after each workout helps inform the plan adjustments for the next day.

We want to create a new generation of personal fitness that evolves with you! Try free!

Location: Salt Lake City, United States

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Best Source For Domain WHOIS Database and API

Product Overview:
WhoisFreaks is your go-to source for domain WHOIS data. It provides meticulously parsed and structured information about domain names, registrars, countries, and TLDs. Whether you’re investigating a specific domain or analyzing historical trends, WhoisFreaks has you covered.

Key Features:
- Whois Lookup API: Retrieve WHOIS records and ownership details for any domain name. Access information such as owner name, email address, country, creation date, last update, expiration, and registrar location. Receive data in JSON or XML format.
- Whois History API: Dive into millions of current and historical WHOIS domain records. Stay up-to-date with daily updates on domain registrations.
- Reverse Whois API: Conduct broad searches based on domain keywords, owner names, emails, or company details. Discover domains owned by specific entities.
- Newly Registered Domains API: Download newly registered domain WHOIS files. Obtain ownership information and complete normalized records.
- Expiring Domains API: Access expiring and expired domain WHOIS files. Stay informed about domain ownership changes.
- Dropped/Deleted Domains API: Retrieve recently dropped or deleted domain WHOIS files. Track ownership details.
- WHOIS Domains Database: Over 4.5 million domains are registered each month. Our normalized database provides evaluative domain information, including owner names, registrant details, organization, email addresses, country, and more.

Use Cases:
- Security Investigations: Cybersecurity analysts can track domain ownership changes, monitor suspicious domains, and identify potential threats. Investigate phishing attempts, fraudulent activities, and malicious domains.
- Brand Protection: Businesses can monitor their brand names, trademarks, and associated domains. Detect unauthorized domain registrations and take proactive measures.
- Market Research: Researchers can analyze domain trends, industry-specific registrations, and competitor activities. Understand market dynamics and make informed decisions.

In summary, WhoisFreaks is your trusted companion for domain insights, offering powerful APIs, historical data, and a wealth of information to enhance your domain-related endeavors. Explore the digital landscape with confidence!

Location: Lahore, Pakistan

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