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Sit & Shower

Sit & Shower
Sit & Shower

Fully automatic bathing for seniors and the mobility impaired

Sit & Shower is the first affordable, space-saving and FULLY AUTOMATIC bathing device for seniors and the mobility impaired; helping them to live and bathe independently and in more safety. It covers everything from automatic soaping all the way to drying.

For nursing homes and hospitals, Sit & Shower represents a quantum leap in what is a hazardous and resource draining chore (due to jostling with patients); while simultaneously protecting the privacy, dignity and quality of care for seniors.

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Find top tourist attractions to explore, with travel times!

If you're looking for concise, clear-cut lists of top-tourist attractions that should be in your bucket-list when visiting a particular country - TravelPeri is for you! Navigate through various countries seamlessly using our pannable map or country search bar.

What sets TravelPeri apart from other such alternatives is the ability to view travel-times/distance to each of the listed attractions on request if location permissions are allowed.

This web app is ideal for people with less time on their hands for research or just for quick reference while on the move - so keep us Bookmarked!

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

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