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Tools for genealogists by genealogists

Surname Ranker is a free online tool that checks how a surname ranks in the U.S. census.
The tool provides both the rank and the total number of people of the name in the U.S. that year.
This is for genealogy enthusiasts – and everyone else who wants to know how rare or common their surname is.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

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Sizze Chameleon

Sizze Chameleon
Sizze Chameleon

Sizze Chameleon is a platform for you to build custom mobile applications without needing to write code

Sizze Chameleon is an app development platform that has tools for you no matter how tech savvy you are. For techy people we have the Developer mode that will save their time by providing a set of pre-made components written in React Native code. For designers, yes, you guessed it, the Designer mode is basically a visual editor that automatically “translates” your design into code. It gets even better: for those who have no tech skills and time for a creative processes Sizze provides a set of templates called Chameleon. It makes the app development a 3-step process: "pick your features”, "customize design and content", and "publish to stores

Location: Cape Girardeau, United States

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