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Qrawd is the latest event discovery app that is soon to be released on both iOS and Android. What makes Qrawd stand out from other event discovery apps is that it has an interactive, and live feature to it through user generated images or 10 second videos called buzzes. Whilst other event discovery apps only give users a stagnant list of events, Qrawd users can not only view events, but also discover what is happening around them by simply tapping on an event they like, and viewing those event's buzzes. For upcoming events, users can also click and view buzzes to see the hype surrounding the event.

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Sizze Chameleon

Sizze Chameleon
Sizze Chameleon

Sizze Chameleon is a platform for you to build custom mobile applications without needing to write code

Sizze Chameleon is an app development platform that has tools for you no matter how tech savvy you are. For techy people we have the Developer mode that will save their time by providing a set of pre-made components written in React Native code. For designers, yes, you guessed it, the Designer mode is basically a visual editor that automatically “translates” your design into code. It gets even better: for those who have no tech skills and time for a creative processes Sizze provides a set of templates called Chameleon. It makes the app development a 3-step process: pick your features”, customize design and content, and publish to stores

Location: Cape Girardeau, United States

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Sizze Chameleon Latest Tweets

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