Inbox Ignite vs Skill Prepare

Inbox Ignite

Inbox Ignite
Inbox Ignite

We pull people out of spam

Inbox Ignite’s domain connector solution empowers companies to hit the inbox with their outbound email messaging while increasing and maintaining open rates which in turn drives higher response rates and ultimately more sales. Hit the inbox, stay out of spam, and send more emails with a simple domain plugin.

Location: Bethlehem, Palestine

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Skill Prepare

Skill Prepare
Skill Prepare

Educational VR games that even adults have fun playing.

We create VR educational games that bring the power of play to education. Our VR games are based on building foundational skills in math, reading, and more. We believe VR can change the way we learn through immersive, hands-on experiences.

Location: Suwanee, United States

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