First Fish Protein Shot in the world based on non-dairy protein

Do you drink enough fish?

Introducing SKINNY FISH the World’s first Fish Protein Shot.

SKINNY FISH is 100% Fish-based non-dairy protein, only 60 calories, no sweeteners, no sugars, natural taste, and 5 simple ingredients.

Great in the morning, on-the-go, before/after the gym, or whenever you want an extra boost of fish protein in your diet.

8 years in the making – just seconds to drink!

Sounds fishy but tastes great

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

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World's First Personal Social Network

TUBBR, as we like to call it, The World's First Personal Social Network lets you create Private & Public social sharing spaces with Friends, Family & Fans.

TUBBR gives you the ability to build and engage with communities via Segregated Spaces called Walls. Easily organise all aspects of your life, whether personal or professional by sharing stories on appropriate Walls.

- Create Private Walls with select people from your network.
TUBBR has also taken care of your Privacy & Security concerns as well. Private Walls let you have complete control of your content. Have conversations and share stories with the select members of this Wall only!

- Create Public Walls to Showcase your passion & for the world to discover.
These Walls can be about anything you like, be it your fashion trends to travel stories, food experiences to workout sessions, gaming to music videos. And, you can easily become a #TUBBRinfluencer on not just one but multiple passions you have!

Location: Dallas, USA

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