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Slack JIRA Integration Bot

Slack JIRA Integration Bot
Slack JIRA Integration Bot

Connect Slack to JIRA and get instant 2-way communication to save time and money

Nextup JIRA provides a bot that connects Slack with Atlassian JIRA. The bot listens to channels where it has been invited and automatically provides information from JIRA to supplement your Slack conversations. When tickets are mentioned the bot automatically calls JIRA and returns the ticket id, name, description, assignee, estimated time remaining and other key information. In addition, buttons are presented allowing users in the Slack channel to take action in JIRA directly from Slack.

The bot is being used by thousands of teams globally across a variety of industries to improve communication and reduce lost time due to context switching. The interconnected environment created with the bot allows resources to focus on the task at hand and provides managers the information they need to keep track of the agile process.

In the latest version the Nextup JIRA bot introduced features allowing custom searches and automated responses from the bot based on feedback from the user community of > 200,000 Slack users.

Alternative solutions provide a push methodology where information changes in JIRA and is pushed to a specific Slack channel. This requires an issue to change state or move to a specific condition to be show in Slack. With Nextup JIRA a pull methodology is utilized to ensure ticket information is provided in real time to add to existing conversations.

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