Kloudboxx & Krosswork vs SmiKar Software

Kloudboxx & Krosswork

Kloudboxx & Krosswork
Kloudboxx & Krosswork

Krosswork wants to turn Cafes/Restaurants in to Co-Working Spaces

Kloudboxx – (WiFi Analytics) has a SaaS-based business model, with customized subscription plans. Tailored plans provide features for targeted marketing, Location Analytics, Automation Engine, Branded Splash pages, Presence Analytics.
Krosswork (Powered by Kloudboxx), which transforms unused spaces into a city-wide network of sophisticated, prolific work-spaces where one can interact and work with a range of people.

Location: Bangalore, India

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SmiKar Software

SmiKar Software
SmiKar Software


SmiKar Software was founded with one thing in mind – creating tools that would make it easier to administer an ever growing, risk adverse, complex environment.

We pride ourselves on customer service and developing tools to help people manage their environment. We are constantly developing further tools to aid the Administrator.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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