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Socialeyes, the new IOS/Android app, attempts to revolutionize your social life. Given the hustle bustle of everyday life, this app lets you retain the simple pleasures of life, like a fun and spontaneous get together.

With Socialeyes all you need to do is select which activity you are in the mood for and the rest is taken care of. Your friends nearby receive a notification of your preferred activity for the day and they can then tag along. Socialeyes records your social activities giving you a social identity. The more socially active you are, the more social points you earn.

The brainchild behind Socialeyes, Can Kagitcibasi, is a University of San Diego MBA alumnus. After working for PricewaterhouseCoopers for over 2 years Can decided to pursue his dreams and launched his first startup Tum Firsatlar, the leading deal aggregator of Turkey while he was still at school. Can is also a member of Startup Grind community and the director of Turkish Chapter. Can began working on Socialeyes in 2013 and now leading a team of 6 based in Istanbul and San Francisco and has recently raised $250 K as seed investment from an angel investor Doruk Dogramaci.

Texting, calling or posting on Facebook are all traditional ways of making plans. However, now you don’t have to ask your friends, “Who is up for coffee?” Thanks to Socialeyes, whoever is in the mood for coffee, will join you wherever you are.
Select an activity (mood), then choose a location or neighborhood you want to go to and tap share. Your open invitation to all your friends nearby is now live. By choosing to join in your activity, your friends earn substantial points.

The beauty of Socialeyes is that its user friendly, yet cool and exciting. Every action on the app, from a like to a comment earns you points, which takes your rank higher on the social scale. Now when you click on a person’s profile, you get to see how social they are. Instead of their educational or professional life you can easily learn about their social one.

Chief Everything Officer, Can Kagitcibasi, aptly described, “There needs to be two things for someone to socialize with a friend: proximity and the will to do an activity. That is what makes Socialeyes different than any other app out there, because we care about the activities just as much as the location.”

“There are times when you are in the mood for doing something. So we decided to call these activities “moods”. We offer our users pre-defined moods so that they can select them from the menu with a tap. Right now we offer 12 moods in the app and we will be introducing new moods in a few weeks. Later on our users will be able to create their own customized moods.”

Life is a social game; so are we. Socialeyes helps you create your social identity by digitizing your social life. We all live very busy lives. That is why we prefer our tasks done for us with just a few taps on our smart phones and tablets. We at Socialeyes believe that this is how we should be socializing in 2015 – with just a few taps.

The Founder Can Kagitcibasi, explains, “The market is becoming increasingly geared towards the mobile section of connectivity, and users want innovative platforms that will give them options to do things now, to connect now, and to be able to plan. This is where Socialeyes can make a difference as it combines a location-driven socializing platform with real-time notifications, allowing users to look more at future possibilities rather than past experiences.”

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Unlimited Development with Dedicated Developers

Updevs provides you a dedicated website development team for your unlimited projects. Our skillful developer team can deliver an endless number of web development projects in the shortest time. You just discuss the ideas and requirements of your project. Our team will plan ahead, and take care of the rest.

With zero risks, free resource replacement, and a fixed monthly price, you have just to wait to take the project into your hand after completion.

What extra care Updevs will give you is:

Dedicated Project manager
Your dedicated project manager reduces the communication barriers by providing the project details, deadline, and what is in the pipeline. So, everything is easier for you and your team.

Stringent deadlines and fastest turnaround
We ensure to meet deadlines, and this stands us in the crowd. Updevs strictly follow the deadlines and the fastest turnaround of 24 hours, which means your project is the priority.

The remote team across the world
Don’t worry about nearshoring and off-shoring; Our team is remotely worked worldwide. We bear no barriers when it comes to meet our client’s requirements.

All primary development stack
Choose your development stack, and don’t worry about additional team resources for a different stack. Our team encourages all types of programming, including LAMP, MEAN, MERN, LEMP, with no extra charges.

Free 7days Trial
You can start with 7 days free trial and know our teams, the way to process your project, and much more.

Location: Welmington, United States

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